Mysteries of the Terracotta Warriors 2024

Mysteries of the Terracotta Warriors 2024

  • Category: Documentary
  • Release: Jun 11, 2024
  • Rating: 6.7/10 from 16 users
  • Duration: 78 min
  • Director: James Tovell
  • Cast: Dr. Hui Ming Tak Ted, Dr. Li Janice Xiuzhen, Zhu Sihong
  • Studio: Lion Television
star 6.7
From 16 users


Get online access to top quality Mysteries of the Terracotta Warriors movies on Soaper TV. Thousands of terracotta warriors attentive the aboriginal Chinese emperor's tomb. This is their story, told through archeological affirmation and reenactments.

Mysteries of the Terracotta Warriors Trailer

  • Dr. Hui Ming Tak Ted

    Dr. Hui Ming Tak Ted

    as Self (Qin Historian)
  • Dr. Li Janice Xiuzhen

    Dr. Li Janice Xiuzhen

    as Self (Senion Archaeologist)
  • Zhu Sihong

    Zhu Sihong

    as Self (Excavation Leader)
  • Lan Desheng

    Lan Desheng

    as Self (Senior Restorer)
  • Fu Jian

    Fu Jian

    as Self (Excavation Leader, East gate)
  • Prof. Lo Yuet Keung

    Prof. Lo Yuet Keung

    as Self (Qin Historian)
  • Prof. Chen Liang

    Prof. Chen Liang

    as Self (Forensic Anthropologist)
  • Jiang Wenxiao

    Jiang Wenxiao

    as Self (Excavation Leader)
  • Ma Yu

    Ma Yu

    as Self (Senior Restorer)
  • Dr. Guo Jinsong

    Dr. Guo Jinsong

    as Self (Qin Historian)
  • Yuan Zhongyi

    Yuan Zhongyi

    as Self
  • Jing Lusi

    Jing Lusi

    as Narrator
  • Cai Zhongyuan

    Cai Zhongyuan

    as Hu Hai
  • Chen Jingyu

    Chen Jingyu

    as Zhao Gao
  • Ding Yong

    Ding Yong

    as Young Yuan Zhongyi
  • Hongtao Gao

    Hongtao Gao

    as Li Si
  • Hu Bo

    Hu Bo

    as Prince Jangu
  • Hsu Kuei Lin

    Hsu Kuei Lin

    as Voice of Sima Qian
Richard BradleyExecutive Producer
Nicholas KerteszProducer
Zheng YiCinematography
James TovellDirector